About Angel Dry

Angel Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning has one mission.  We are going to change the way people think about carpet cleaning.  For years, millions of Americans have relied on “wet” cleaning methods, namely hot water extraction (HWE), otherwise known as “steam cleaning”.  We are here to set the record straight.  There is a better way.  Our process is safer for your family, healthier for your interior, and it cleans your carpet more thoroughly.  There is no need for water-soaked floors any more.  The technology that we employ was developed in Austria and has been used by commercial carpet cleaning service providers for decades.  In the past five years, there have been numerous innovations in the technology application and cleaning compound formulations that are used in residential application.  This has created one of the largest category growth rates the carpet cleaning and restoration industry has ever seen.  No longer can the “dry” method be ignored.  It has been proven more effective in maintaining carpet fiber integrity than steam cleaning… proven safer for your family and pets…. proven healthier for your indoor air quality… and proven to be the only truely DRY method of carpet cleaning available for cleaning your carpet.  That is our mission.  Seeing is believing!  Our organic micro-sponge compound is so safe, that it will cause no bodily harm if accidentally ingested (Disclaimer:  product has not been approved by the FDA for food consumption use.  If compound is accidentally eaten, it may cause choking and digestive problems.  Angel Dry Micro-Sponge Compound should not be eaten or ingested).

The power of natural micro-sponges combined with our proprietary cleaning system which pulsates the micro-sponges deep within your carpet fibers will remove trapped dirt, detergents, chemical residue, bacteria, microbal agents, and other microscopic organisms and particulates that steam cleaning simply can not extract.  Instead of forcing soil, chemicals, and particulates deep down into your carpet, underlayment pad, and subfloor, we actually gently sponge-scrub out these materials and use no liquid to achieve this in our process.  Our micro-sponges are  gentler than a terry cloth towel and more absorbant too.  We capture what the other guys leave behind and the best part is, your carpet is DRY when we leave your home.

Angel Dry Organic Carpet Dry Cleaning is an equal opportunity company.  For more information about career opportunities with a company that cares about YOU, please contact us today!

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