Angel Dry uses a European method of removing pet spots and odors from all types of carpet.  Our dry carpet cleaning pulls out stains and spots from bodily fluids and removes odor-causing bacteria.  Since we don’t use high volumes of water, you can rest assured that pet-related contaminants will not be spread around and flushed to the bottom of the carpet pile and pad.  When large volumes of water are added to urine, feces, and vomit, these water-soluble particles will sink deep down into the carpet backing and even to your subfloor.  These wet contaminants create a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria and once they make their way into the carpet backing, they become virtually impossible to remove without replacing the carpet and underlayment.



Angel Dry offers basic and advanced urine spot and stain removal services.  We never flush stains with water, which means contaminants will not spread around in your carpet.  Most urine spots can be removed with our basic service, using our encapsulation and dry compound cleaning process.  Once spots are removed we guarantee that they will not wick back.  If the urine stains have set in or have strong odors, our advanced service may be needed.  In this case, we may use a peroxide (oxygen booster) to help remove the discoloration, odors, and bacterial contaminants.  The peroxide is 100% safe to use, as it converts to water and merely evaporates, with no harmful VOCs.  We only use GreenSeal baby-safe dry cleaning solutions, so you can trust that your carpet will be safe to use and free from toxic chemicals and soil-attracting residues.


Pet Hair and Dander Removal


Some breeds of dogs and cats have oilier coats than others.  Water dog breeds, hunting dogs, and cats with shiny coats are some examples of pets that wreak havoc on clean, fluffy carpets and rugs.  The natural oils and dander (skin cells and follicle oils) from these beloved family members work their way into the carpet fibers and literally get woven into the yarns accumulating into a sticky residue throughout the carpeted areas.  This will cause other soils and debris to get stuck on your carpet.  The sticky residue that accumulates actually prevents your vacuum from picking up loose soil.  Your carpet will become matted and weighed down by the soil.  Since our system uses physical contact to remove the hair, soils, and oily dander, we guarantee that our service will do a better job than any steam cleaning company.


Pet Poo, Vomit, & Paw Traffic

Angel Dry is never afraid to clean out the yucky stuff.  Pet accidents, as unpleasant as they are, should be professionally cleaned as soon as possible.  You should avoid trying to remove these stains on your own, but if you do try, please do not use carpet stain and spot products that come in spray bottles.  These may actually do more harm than good, leaving behind a mixture of soil and chemical residue that sets into the carpet fibers.   If your pet has an accident, use a lifting motion with a damp cotton towel.  Use multiple towels to continue to remove the mess.  Do not attempt to scrub the area, as this may cause some of the soil to become lodged inbetween the fibers.  After this step, sprinkle some baking soda on the area and repeat the above lifting action with a clean, damp towel.